The super author

Satire zum Thema Literatur

von  Adrian

Everyone knows him. Everyone wants to read him as often as possible, to see him, to hear him, preferably to meet him himself and then to make themselves very small to kneel down and worship him. He, the greatest Zampanov of writing and being read, because he is read by all who can read, if they have something to spare, for the greatest and most powerful, most beautiful and most beguiling literature that has ever existed, into all the past and the farthest future and especially now - now, because at present there is no one who can even come close to holding a candle to him when it comes to writing. Each of his looks, his steps, his movements are pure poetry, are an aperitif on his whole being, which is a mystery for every outsider and for everyone who knows him more closely the center of all humanity as well as death and resurrection, ruin and enlightenment in one - bundled between truthfulness and refined lies, unimaginable delightful affection and boundless aversion in one, a magnet that repels and attracts at the same time - in other words: literature at its best.

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 Mondscheinsonate (27.05.22, 18:53)
To whom it may concern... :D

 Adrian meinte dazu am 27.05.22 um 21:05:
Writing is an act of the mind, ideally involving the soul and even more beautiful when a big heart can be read out. Among us writing beasts, read-until-you-fall casualties, literature nerds, and hopeless captives in the webs of great writers' creations, I thank you for your gracious act of recommending my shameless piece.

 I think you meet Cervais' criteria for writing very well. I'm still more of a childish blurberer.
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