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Prosagedicht zum Thema Entfremdung

von  Caracaira

You questioned the integrity of my common sense,
you took my perseverance for granted,
you were oblivious of one aspect of my perseverance,
that knows when to set bounds to you calling me highly manipulable.
You act to judgemental and should banish all these sorrows, demontage.

I want a man, who sees us on an equal footing.
I want a character impeccable man.
I want a kindhearted man.
Where is the love in your statements?
Do you see, you are unmindful of me?
Don´t you know me better?

You claimed some time ago you take me as I am.
How true is that?

Anmerkung von Caracaira:

How someone actively grows away - again and again.

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