Lovely Curse

Gedicht zum Thema Liebe und Sehnsucht

von  Fuchs

your deep green eyes, slightly curled hair
the long thin thighs, I can't compare
not talking much, the beauty you are
simply nonesuch, unmatched by far
you made me think, made me discuss
if there's a link, connecting us

but beforehand, so sadly though
fortune planned it, I had to go
every night, in dreams you'd be
until daylight, visiting me
for all the time,  that I was gone
still a sublime phenomenon

being back here, infront of you,
it's crystal clear, and I review

I was never, but now I'm sure
all together, my love is pure
from first sight on, in all I do
my mind is gone, to think of you
I do admit, you've got me cursed
when Oh-twelve hit tens thirtyfirst

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