A little poem about FLORIDA

Gedicht zum Thema Länder/ Erdteile

von  Omnahmashivaya

Every day tourists come from near and far,
to the the wonderful american state Florida.
They love and ivsit the beaches, the cities and the sights.
Are fascinated, when they see the water, the sun and the thousand of city lights.

The beaches are full of people every day.
"i`ll never forget the hot sun" you will say.
The sky ist blue like the water of the big ocean.
No, that's no dream - that's reality and pure emotion.

Cities and towns are big, great and gigantic.
There are so many cars like fishes in the Atlantic.
You see nice shops, museums, and famous sights.
Skyscrapers, pubs and many discolights....

Disneyworls makes old people young again.
Grandmas, grandpas, women and even the men.
The parents and kids are happy like never before.
Don`t wonder - they see Donald, Micky, Goofy and more.

There's no question - you must visit that all.
The big attractions, but also the small!

Anmerkung von Omnahmashivaya:

Dieses Gedicht habe ich 1998 oder 1999 im Englischunterricht geschrieben, als wir eine Informationsmappe über FLorida zusammen stellen sollten.

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 NormanM. (19.08.09)
I have never been there, even never in the USA. But maybe one day.
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