Poem without a Name

Verserzählung zum Thema Esoterik

von  Henning

Look around in a spiritual gathering
Seeing all the different faces
Friendly, curious, relaxed
Forming and welding a very special mood
There is approaching a name for it
From the depths of my brain
…but I cannot catch it, the name
- it’s lost…

Look around at a weekend break
Or at a picnic drive-out
Have a view to the nature around
See the trees, the bushes, grass and herbs
Feel the warmth of the sun,
The smooth drops of the rain,
Like mist there is wavering a name…
But I can’t grasp it – it’s lost…

In your dream you can have a look
Around at several sites at the
Same time – because in a dream
You have powers you don’t have in ‘reality’,
You have more understanding,
More harmony, deeper feelings…
And from the abyss of my soul
There is appearing a name…
I woke up –

Anmerkung von Henning:

Dieses Gedicht entstand in dem 'esoterischen Gesprächskreis' AN FAINNE in Dublin.

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