Brief zum Thema Arroganz

von  DariusTech

There you are
still as foolish
as you were
still as greedy
and unwise

You were the heir
of great ones
you could have been
one of them

I saw you in the pack
I saw you amongst my enemies

You wanted more
More than you could have

Your career began small
a teenage bullie doing what bullies do
hording weak characters around you
I remember
I remember well

Your aunt
younger than you
embarked with power

You envied her
You wanted
her power

saw a potential in you
to be their puppet
Did you expect
anything more?

One loves the treason
but never the traitor

So you were scheming
So you had your puppets
doing your dirty work

When you got hand
of their weapon
you abused it
for your own

Embarked with
the power of chaos
you were
A power that was
a perversion
in you
But you were blinded
Blinded with greed

You distroyed the plans
of your allies
(lucky for us)
You raped
your own body
You distroyed
the Karma
of your soul

I recognized you
in the end
forced to drink
the same poison
forced to cross the line
of life
and death

I killed you
You were

I see you
in the eyes
of man
and Greed

Anmerkung von DariusTech:

Every Family has its black sheep, Raxis was black indeed... an ugly dragon, and a traitor. Still... family... That part of family you don't want to speak about. But he is part of the Whiteclaw Clan history nonetheless.

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