if painting a miracle

Gedicht zum Thema Liebe, lieben

von  DanceWith1Life

would leave the piece of paper  clean
what would a word of silence mean
if all i listened to
made so much noise

what would a dream of love contain
when every time
i had to open
these and every eyes and every
cicle of the pain
engraved another letter
instead my pain broke into pieces
to small to share
and too much fragile questioning
to put aside as simply just another "rare"

no better, later, some else
no waiting, nothing painted
no picture turned and moving
in and out
its u and me
all the way
if we played hide and seek
for over 40 years
what can i utter
what would i give in
if not myself rushed in the mirror
and love stays loving
what only love can do
love will
the rest is still the same old fair

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Kommentare zu diesem Text

 TrekanBelluvitsh (17.05.13)
Ein sehr ambivalentes Gedicht. Viel Sehnsucht, viel Hoffnung, Routine, vielleicht, Vermissen und Existenz. Aber genau darum sehr lebendig.
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