Songtext zum Thema Verzweiflung

von  Nora

Oh it deeply hurts, hearing your heartbreaking words,
coming straight out of your mind.
Please dont reply, i know that all would be a lie
- so dont tell anything to my broken heart -
It won´t stay and
i will say, yes it´s all ok.

But this game, you´ve played, it wasn´t fair..
i´m crying out my desperation
- just turn around, its all said and done-
we missed our destination
while i force to fake a smile.

A supposedly better life only with her,
is all what you prefer
so look at me – im strong and try now a brand new start
but the tears I hide,
when you´re by her side,
tearing me apart...

Yes it deeply hurts, hearing your heartbreaking words


Anmerkung von Nora:

Songtext zu meinem Song "Words" - veröffentlicht auf youtube - wer den Song hören mag, bitte pn an mich :)

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