Have a break

Gedicht zum Thema Politik

von  katzemithut

Cameron:     Have a break, have a Brexit!
Schulz:     It’s too late, it’s the exit!
Queen :     Is it too late to fix it?
Bond:     Your kingdom? Someone nicks it!
Murdoch:     Say one word, I will wag it!
Diplomat:     It’s a donkey, don’t drag it!
Nessie:     It is wrong and we leave it!
Voters:     Thought we wouldn’t achieve it!
Youth:     We were not interested!
Populists:     Well that’s fine and we guessed it!
Standard & P. :     Hey, your fortune, you’ll break it!
Financial expert:     Now in Frankfurt we’ll make it!
Policeman:     Finally - who get’s arrested?
Troll:     Got a scapegoat requested.
Harry:     Have to find my magic sticks.
Hermine:             Voldemort’s playing new tricks.
Watson:     Look! My blog, someone blocks it.
Sherlock:     We’ll see who finally rocks it!

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