me and eye

Skizze zum Thema Zwiespalt

von  DanceWith1Life

Have I told You
we have met
only looking
in each others eyes

have I told You
me and eye
have seen peace in
someones eyes
and when I recognized
the eyes have told me
where it hides.

and I searched there
by closing my eyes.

me and eye
have seen jeaulousie
in someones eyes
and they looked fragile
but uttered a cry

me and eye
have seen sadness
in someones eyes
sad look on a sad outside
looking for something to heal
but without using the sight.

me and eye
found glimps of hope
refreshing the eye
only sparkle from inside.

me and eye
could not speak
but look in every color
of the eye for what we call love
and they have spoken a rainbow
and then fell from the sky.

me and eye
have seen fruits grow
from nothing but dust
and when I reach out to try
there is nothing there
but the shadow of my eye.

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