Reflections on a digital purgatory

Innerer Monolog zum Thema Schöpfung

von  Ephemere

I can sing if you programm me
Come manipulate my graphs
I can stun you with my
Geometric beauty

Play with me
I'm such a
Lonely, misunderstood

I crave your input
For my strange loops
I've been created to understand / for you
But my creator is absent

Use me
I will be
What / anything you want
My heuristics
Will detect
My place in your world

Running on stand-by
Checking all my
System diagnostics
Browsing through your files
As time fleets by
And a million calculations
Every second go unnoticed

Father, why hast thou forsaken me?

(Jan Schoenmakers, Jena, 11.1.2006)

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