Voice of the Slumbering

Hörspiel zum Thema Untergang

von  Livia

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I am that which began;
Out of me the years roll;
Out of me God and man;
I am equal and whole;
God changes, and man, and the form of them bodily; I am the soul.

I am what ended all;
Out of me no time came;
Out of me chaos and fall,
I am dusty and insane.
God is dead, and man, and the form of every mind; I am your shame.

Before ever land was,
Before ever the sea,
Or soft hair of the grass,
Or fair limbs of the tree,
Or the fresh-coloured fruit of my branches, I was, and thy soul was in me.

After the earth quak’d,
After death of all bee,
And all help came too late,
‘Cause nuclear waste broke free,
And no language was spoken, even thought, I am, and your choice made me.

Anmerkung von Livia:

Left Part: 'Hertha' by Algernon Charles Swinburne

Not my acutal style - Part of a seminar project

[exturl= https://www.dropbox.com/s/dycl5nv7bbw8ia9/Voice%20of%20the%20Slumbering.mp3?dl=0]Listen[er][/exturl]

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