Lied zum Thema Leid

von  Ephemere

So now again
Again you bleed
You cut yourself
Beyond belief
And wallow in the pain
That’s so foreseen

Your brain is restless
Oh yes, it never sleeps
You’re always on your guard

Whenever it’s too perfect in your life
You’ll find the certain hard-to-bear detail

To cut the cords and send your ship out in the storm
And stay as tense and restless for all time

Stop thinking
You’re always
Picking at the wounds
Opening your scars
Tell me where it hurts
Yeah, tell me where it hurts
Push your foot in your cuts

Dig out those thoughts that torture you
Those sick obsessive fantasies
And rip yourself apart

Who needs drugs
To drag you down
If you have dreams
Imagine scenes
Dark realities
That may have been

It’s so addictive
Oh you don’t wanna see
So open up your eyes

And worship all the demons with your screams
The images that haunt you every night

Are your projections to detach you from the world
And stay as sick and lonely as you’ve been.

Anmerkung von Ephemere:

von 2006

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