Hopeless Happy Tale

Kurzgeschichte zum Thema Romantik

von  ian_grey

It already had been a long day for them when they met in that dark, gloomy room in the school cellar, hiding from authorities and friends. A candle gave a little light and a sheet of paper worked out as some decoration on the beer box table. Their ragged, worn-out clothes and their dirty skin testified, what this improved setting already indicated. they were punks, outlaws with no family and no home. Nevertheless: the lived. And they loved. They had spent much time working for this evening, earning some money, preparing some food. Played by the stereo they found, music filled the room with a kind of punkish romance: 'She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's the salt of the earth that I'm living on!'
"Indeed, you are, and you are my drug.", he said while lightening more candles he bought. The flames reflected in her eyes made her even more beautiful - and that's what she was, a beauty, a beautiful beast, taking his love. And he was happy to give it to her. "Lord, I know you might not like me, but though I ask you: praise our meal like you praised our love."
It was perfect... as it should be, for an evening like this.

~ Juni 2006 ~

Anmerkung von ian_grey:

Langeweile im Unterricht, Tagträumereien... woran man nicht alles denkt, wenn man Englisch hat...

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