4. The Visit


von  Mutter

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A shadowy figure approaches a house. Stops and searches for keys. Steps into the light. It is Mr. Trent. He fumbles with the keys, unlocks the door and as he is about to step into the house, a big shape looms up behind him and crushes him against the wall.

THE MACHINE: Hello there. Remember me, honey?

MR. TRENT (grunts): Who the fuck are you?

THE MACHINE: Oh, but that not very nice of you - to simply forget me like that. After the more than ten years I did for you.

MR. TRENT (wheezes): Brian, is that you?

THE MACHINE: Shut the fuck up, you bastard. I ask the questions, I call the shots. I was sent over to get some things straightened out, and as it happens – you and your guys need the most straightening out. How is that for irony?

MR. TRENT: Look, man, can’t we settle this in a civilized way?

THE MACHINE: Right. Civil, yes? Okay, the boss over in London wants you dead. What now, big shot? How civil do you wanna be? Like, dead-civil?

MR. TRENT: Oh shit.

THE MACHINE: Shall I tell you what we are gonna do now? I’m gonna rip your fucking head off and you will fucking die. How is that for a bleeding plan?

MR. TRENT: Please, Brian …

THE MACHINE: Say my name one more time, and you’ll die immediately. I dare you, you fucking bollocks.

MR. TRENT: The pox on you, Brian!

The Machine smiles

Mr. Trent drops to the floor, twitching.

THE MACHINE: See you in hell, Chris.

Exit The Machine

Anmerkung von Mutter:

Well, I finally got round to recording all the acts, this one including.
I was hoping for some terrifyingly funny outtakes, simply because when I tried reading the German version, I burst out laughing.

What can I say it didn't happen. Guess I'm too much of a fucking professional!


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