Send him back

Politisches Gedicht zum Thema Aktuelles

von  katzemithut

Hey - USA
will you please
send him back!
don't let him
have his way
cause he's on
the wrong track!
his attacks
they are mean -
and he brings out
the worst
part of what
people are,
thinks himself
to be first  -
you let him
move too far,
there's no deal
for a crime!
get him out
of this car!
don't you miss
the right rhyme -
don't you miss
the right moment in time
to show him
who you are!

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Kommentare zu diesem Text

 princess (18.07.19)
I'm curious what will happen. If anything will happen at all.


 katzemithut meinte dazu am 18.07.19:
yeah - we'll see - makes me think of:
"And nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all
The needle returns to the start of the song
And we all sing along like before
And we'll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow!"

 AlmÖhi antwortete darauf am 18.07.19:
Experience shows that good things in the world only happen when the very best take care of it: Germans! (Although we are much to modest to ever say that openly.)

 katzemithut schrieb daraufhin am 18.07.19:
AlmÖhi - ah - really? Germans are the best? Not only history showed scenes that made doubt that! - to me it's rather "Trump-like" to state "Germans" or any nationality as "the very best" -
what a strange kind of thinking!

 AlmÖhi äußerte darauf am 18.07.19:
But if we had won the war, we could have stopped free elections in the USA.

 katzemithut ergänzte dazu am 19.07.19:
ah, I see - you must be a "Postillon"-writer!

 Oggy (19.07.19)
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