Lied zum Thema Gott

von  Shagreen

Metallica's ONE retold​

I can remember everything​
Can tell this is not true nor a dream​
They talk about how life could be​
But YOUR promises are keeping me​

Now that the life is through with me​
I'm waking up, And I can see​
That there is not much left of me​
Nothing is real but YOUR love​

Give me breath as I wish to stay​
Oh great GOD, awake​

Back in the womb it's much too real​
In pumps life that I must feel​
But I'm happy that YOU'VE revealed​
Rejoice forever I'll live​

Fed from YOU, LORD, who is leading me​
Just a newborn novelty​
Freed from machines that make me be​
I lay down my life for YOU​

Give me breath as I wish to stay​
Oh great GOD, awake​

So the world has gone mad, but I stay​
Oh GOD, praising YOU​
Give me breath as I wish to stay​
Oh great GOD, praising YOU​

Brightness got me out of jail​
Now all I see​
Absolute glory​
CHRIST is to live​
Gain is to die​
Setting me free​
Spirit of truth my guide​

MY LORD has given me life​
Given me sight​
Given me hearing​
Given me speech​
Given me arms​
Given me legs​
Risen me from the dead​

Anmerkung von Shagreen:

Isaiah 49, 8-9​
Isaiah 61, 1-3​
Matthew 11, 5​
Luke 4, 18-19​
Philippians 1, 21​
The Matrix (film), latin "womb"​
Thanks to Sylvia Hall for reviewing!

Kommentare zu diesem Text

Jack (36)
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 Shagreen meinte dazu am 07.08.19:
Ja, ich wollte mit dem Lied etwas anderes noch verbinden. Es ist eine Aufarbeitung meines Lebens. Raus aus der Verlorenheit und Hoffnungslosigkeit, in der dir alles genommen wird hin zu einem Sinn, zu einem erfüllten Leben, in der die Verluste mehr als kompensiert werden.
"Glückselig sind die Trauernden, denn sie sollen getröstet werden! Glückselig sind die Sanftmütigen, denn sie werden das Land erben! Glückselig sind, die nach der Gerechtigkeit hungern und dürsten, denn sie sollen satt werden!"
... And Justice For All!
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