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Yesterday funny little situation happened:
Due to the hours of informational documentation, about human technology and the way it turns, i was thinking about what it might be, that is so awfully missing.  And my associating process came up with the clue, it is something  that we have observed with animals and call it instinct, and words easily run short to describe its qualities.
Now knowing they have already sent animals to outer space with a completely different approach, i thought about a closer, may be better understandable species, that we could observe to reach this goal.
Next thing i know, i found myself thinking about our kid's sensitiveness for harmony,  and the fact that it is only alive and happy when it is supported. Scientist have figured that out already, some poor kids died in isolation, and now they know it.
The next clue i got, was the way they described the experiment in Cern, "we are looking for that thing, that keeps the universe glued together", this was actually said in german TV, i don't know about other countries but i guess it was presented similar.
Well, by that time our car reached destination, which was to pick up some kids and let me get home. so i climbed out of the vehicle and found myself immediately surrounded by a group of children from 3 to 9 years of age and the youngest stepped towards me and asked : what's your name?
I heard myself saying: Robby
This was used by my mother, my grandmother, my sister and many friends, so i thought, this would be, the appropriate answer.
i suggest listening to Billy Joel's " New York State of Mind" before reading this, well, i might be the only one who finds that helpful, and mind you the song was written before 9. 11
Then i watched "Inception",
Then i finished my thinking about the subject, on the way to the supermarket, saying to myself:
what if, this machine that could discover that power that "glues the universe together" was already created and it is us, human beings, and we are already wondering how to use it, because we use it for typing, and that doesn't make sense.
In other words, without love it is not possible to find love.

Anmerkung von DanceWith1Life:

if all the effort to find the solution on the outside fails, it should at least give you the hint it is not there, it is inside.

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