Shehezerade, please, start anew

Skizze zum Thema Entfremdung

von  DanceWith1Life

Shehezerade, please, tell your stories
the night is falling
our king has lost his justice
to jealousie and betray
we always thought it is the lions lair
that caused the smell of danger
here, there, everywhere
but darkness does the trick

Shehezerade, please, start anew
a thousand years have passed
and fear now rules
in many different ways and forms
the mirror shows an overlay of shadows
i hardly recognize your eyes
this is another veil
but woven not of silk or coton

Shehezerade, please, start again
as if you knew a thousand years ago
the fate of many sons and daughters
like Midas wishing cicle turned into the cruel
mistake that now brings mother earth
to bleed from many wounds
Shehezerade, please, start again
and tell the stories
that we have forgotten.

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