1. Introduction

Drama zum Thema Macht

von  Mutter

Picture the scene: A young man, slightly nervous, in a hooded sweater, sits across an older man, mildly heavy-set. The older man is clearly superior in authority – he sternly faces the young buck, daring him to speak up. He wears a leather jacket, fake or not, and bushy sideburns – his only extravagance.
The scene takes place in a seedy, non-descript pub in Inner City Dublin. The pint glasses are half-filled with dark stout.

MR. TROUT: Yeah, Jimmy, and? It’s me you are talking to, nitwit. Jesus, look, here is the fucking deal: When your man gets into the station, you and the boys will wait for him, right? You will jump on his tail, and you will follow him all the way out to the farmhouse, okay?
And make sure you don’t lose him, right?

JIMMY: Well, Mister Trout, with all due respect, sir, but I am not sure this is such a good idea. I mean, he knows we are coming, and he will be prepared for us. He might even put up a fight – I do not think it would be very considerate of us to start a brawl there, right in the middle of it. No?

MR. TROUT: Well, fuck that! Fuck him, and his mother, and fuck you, too, Jimmy. I do not give a flying fuck whether you would think this ‘inconsiderate’. I want his sorry mother-fucking ass taken over there, immediately, right? Now, get to it, or I will kick your sorry little butt myself. Do you read me, asshole?

JIMMY: Yes, I do, Mr. Trout. I certainly do. I just thought it might be appropriate …

MR. TROUT: Bollocks, Jimmy. That is a load of codswallop. Do not dare to give me your bucket full of excuses, right? Just do what I told you. And do it in a jiffy.
That is all I am asking.

JIMMY: Certainly, Mr. Trout. Will get right to it.

Jimmy leaves the scene.

MR. TROUT (shouting): And say hello to the boys from me. Been a good week so far.
(in a quiet voice) Bunch of maggots, the whole lot of them. This is not going to be good, can feel that in my bones.

Anmerkung von Mutter:

This text is the symbiotic twin to  THIS text and makes very little sense with or without it.

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